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Switch operating force max. 1.8N
Release force min. 0.3N
Differential travel max. 0.15mm
Permitted temperature range -40°C to +85°C, optional 1h up to +120°C
Switching time max. 10 ms (5 mm/s actuating speed)
Service life Mechanical: 1,000,000 related to the switch system
Electrical: 100,000 (at 3 A nominal load)
Electrical switching capacity max. 3A / 12V DC (circuit breaker)
Standard current 10-20mA
Switching currents less than 10mA upon request
max. 5A / 12VDC Ohmic load upon request

The development of the MS007 has enabled the realisation of a number of technical advantages that were as yet unavailable on the market in this combination and size.

The switch system

The MS007 contains an innovative leaf spring switch system that is characterised by its high precision, flipping behaviour and switching accuracy. In addition, the advantages of the screw tension spring system could also be implemented for the development. This ensures a long service life for this switch system and enables an overtravel of 2 mm, whereby higher tolerances can be handled, along with differential travels of<0.15mm realisieren lassen.

Wide variety

Because of the modular design of the microswitch, a wide variety of versions can be created to meet various requirements. For example, various pin versions as well as combinations of pins / mounting holes are available for mounting. In addition, the MS007 also offers various connection types, lever shapes and contact materials. Even individual conditions regarding switching capacity, temperature and reagent resistance are possible with our MS007. Customer-specific adjustments can be implemented quickly and easily due to the modular design.

Other features of the MS007

- High mechanical strength for secure microswitch mounting
- Travel angle of up to 40° / Lateral travel angle of 30°
- IP6K7 protection class

Diagnostic capability

Two exactly defined resistance values are indicated with switches with a diagnostic capability, e.g. "open" and "closed" for a car door for the control unit in the car. This means that only these two defined resistance values reliably indicate "open" or "closed" for a door. Without these reliable signals, no car should engage in the automatic start-stop operation, automatic parking and in no way, in autonomous driving. This function has helped ensure that our diagnostic-capable microswitches have remained reliable in many applications over several years.


Switch operating force max. 2.8N
Release force min. 0.6N
Differential travel max. 0.45mm
Permitted temperature range 40°C to +85°C, upon request up to +120°C
Switching time max. 15 ms (5 mm/s actuating speed)
Service life Mechanical: 1,000,000 related to the switch system
Electrical: 100,000 (at 3 A nominal load)
Electrical switching capacity 10mA to 20mA / 5V DC to 24V DC
10mA to 1A / 12V DC
3A / 12V DC
Depending on the selection of the contact material

The MS001 is a further development of the MS003 safety switch to ensure compliance with the requirements of the industry and automotive sectors when it comes to a sealed, double contact switch. Here the existing mounting option of the switch was upgraded and can be used in fully automatic production.

The switch system

The MS001 draws on the proven switching principle of the MS003. The switch system contains two moving contacts that are positioned on a lever via a screw tension spring. When the plunger is actuated, both moving contacts flip from both bottom contacts to both upper contacts. This powers off both bottom contacts. A synchronous flip of the moving contacts is always ensured for the corresponding switching speed. The MS001 is completely sealed in accordance with protection class IP6K7 due to the sealing of the plunger and a casting of the connection contacts.

Mounting, mechanical strength

The design of the switch housing with a solid base section made of glass-fibre reinforced plastic was taken from the MS007 as a proven feature. It offers the required high mechanical strength to ensure secure switch mounting. The switch system is anchored in this, which thus has a direct link to the mounting references. Two mounting holes ensure secure installation. In addition, various pin versions can also be provided as an option.


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